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Learn how to Program and Develop Websites and Web Applications. From HTML Programming to Android Programming, Software Programming and Database Programming you will find Code, Facts and Tutorials on this site to help you in your progression.

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HTML Programming is the corner stone of the web. Essentially it’s the concrete that holds a website or web application together. Learn the fundamentals of HTML Programming including HTML5 and get a strong grasp on Web Development. HTML Programming is the most obvious place to start if you interested in pursuing web development because of its simple and straight forward nature. There isn’t a lot of variation in HTML so the basics can be learnt quickly and you can get great results with just a touch of ability.

PHP Server Side Development Language

CSS Programming is responsible for the visual look of websites. The importance of CSS Programming cannot be stated strongly enough. With Strong CSS Skills you can take any websites and convert it into a master piece. Learning CSS2 and CSS3 is simple and straight forward and is extremely rewarding. CSS Programming is responsible for font sizes, colours, back ground colours, opacity, width, length, DOM object locations etc. Refine your CSS skills on this site to produce ever more impressive Websites & Web Applications.

Database Programming is a requirement for any Web Application. Essentially the difference between a Website and a Web Application is the presence of a Database resulting in the ability for users to interact with each other on the site. There are many available databases but the most popular for Web Development include MySQL & PostgreSQL. Both are Free and both use the SQL – Structured Query Language which is required core to interacting with most Databases. Learn SQL Database Programming on this site and start to develop your own Web Applications.

PHP Programming is a Server Side Language that is used to Query Databases and Generate HTML code that is sent to the Client Browser for Interpretation. PHP is an extremely powerful Programming Language and is almost limitless is what it can do in the Web Development Area. There are other Server Side Programming Languages available however the benefit of PHP is it’s well-used by other Web Developers and therefore well supported meaning you will find lots of answers to your questions by searching in Google for example.

JQUERY Programming is a client-side language that runs on the Clients Browser. This means it’s pasted to the browser from the server and executes on the end users Browser. JQUERY is a Framework based on the JavaScript language and enables easy, fast and non-browser specific development proving much easier to develop in then pure JavaScript. JQUERY Programming brings a website to life allows actions to occur based on Website Events. For example if someone clicks or does a mouse over an area of the site then JQUERY can act on that action making a change in the website occur like a new section of load into view.

PHP Server Side Development Language